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  1. Asti (A Bookish Heart) says

    Oh yes! I definitely consider audiobooks as reading. I mean, sure, you’re not actually looking at the print. But you’re still getting to know about the story, characters, plot, etc. There are just other factors that affect your satisfaction with a story versus if you were to read it yourself.

    I especially agree with your point about audiobooks requiring greater mental capacity. I think one has to be trained to listen to audiobooks, in a way. I tried to listening to one for the first time a month or so ago and eventually had to give up. No matter how hard I tried, I would realize while reading that I wasn’t comprehending or following along. I would have no clue how I got to the point where I was, and how far back I should go. I’d end up listening to the same chapter more than once just because I couldn’t figure it out. My mind isn’t trained to effectively listen like it should. I really feel like it’s a skill!

    But I think it’s great that you’re able to do so and have gotten better with it. It gives me hope that maybe someday if I try it again it’ll all work out. But for now… I’ll stick with reading books myself ><

    • Joséphine @ Dudette Reads says

      You’re right. There are so many other factors that contribute to reading but they’re not brought up as much as the expectation that our very own eyes saw every word.

      Maybe you could try what I do sometimes with the alternating between the printed book and the audiobook. As long as the audiobooks you acquire are properly split into chapters, finding the places where you left off shouldn’t be too difficult. I think that’s one way of easing into it all, rather than going cold into an audiobook.