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  1. Shannelle says

    The most that I use is VSCO cam, and just apply a filter and then tweak the other settings. The sad thing is, I can’t settle and decide if it’s good enough, so I end up deleting stuff from IG a lot. But you know, I love the bookstagram community and it’s great, but I’m too much of a perfectionist.

    • Joséphine says

      I’ve tried using VSCO Cam before but for some reason I don’t love it the way everyone else seems to. Haha. But maybe I’ll try it again sometime. Sometimes I’m also tempted to delete older photos I uploaded on IG because I don’t like them as much anymore. But then I keep them anyway because I like to see how I’ve progressed over time. And I agree, the bookstagram community is nice and I’m sure you’ve realized by now that nobody expects perfection, even if we keep chasing it for own photos :)

  2. Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist says

    My phone has very limited memory so I can’t download many apps. For Instagram, I just use the editor built into the app. I find that it’s sufficient for editing brightness, saturation, etc. I’m not fond of filters, so I don’t need a wide variety. If I’m working on a photograph for my school newspaper, lit mag, or editing personal photos, I use CS6.

    I wish I could use the wireless mobile utility, but I have a D5100, which was released before the adapter and is therefore not compatible :( I’ll have to look into some wired options.

    • Joséphine says

      Awww. Yes, phone memory can be quite a problem sometimes. I back up my photos every other day, then delete them from my phone, so I have enough space. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have had space to take photos years ago. Lol.

      Ah, yeah. The wireless adapter only became compatible 2012 onwards, I think. But cable releases aren’t all that expensive either and serve the primary purpose of eliminating camera shake. I think it’d be a very wise investment! :)