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  1. Garnet says

    Fellas who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, finally Farfetch’d has
    been caught using pokebusterbot. With this bot you can catch pokemons on autopilot!

  2. Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. says

    I feel like I can never get the balance right in my photos and I tend to give up and just go with whatever looks the least bad from the choices! I definitely need to up my photography game so this post is mega helpful, thanks!

  3. Shannelle says

    This feature is so helpful, Josephine! I’m definitely going to try this soon. :D I have some photos with screens that I’m not really satisfied with.


  1. […] Ensure that the top layer is the original photos with the proper background colours. In my example, this means the photo with the proper red flowers and green stalks. I wouldn’t want to have blue stalks after all. Then mask the area where you want to adjust the hues. I masked the book and its reflection. (For details on how to mask layers, refer to my colour balance tutorial.) […]